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Good stuff! Thank you for having me!

9Hammer responds:

Anytime man, and thank you!

What a delightful episode, excellent work to the crew on TOME, you guys are going above and beyond the usual web cartoons

Came out amazing, I'm just surprised you stuck with the old audio piece and not the revised one, I actually made that for this :P my shit old acting just does not do this beautiful animation justice.

Chelo-kun responds:

I was too far in the animation to go back and start over. We'll get it right, the next time. :-)

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Simplicity is Nice.

I do like it's an easy game to figure out, then again, Im just easy to please, but I will admit, I'm punching myself for how annoying the main guy is to hear after 3 minutes

Poke'nerd stepping in at WhosCoffin's response

Caterpie and Weedle evolve accordingly
1st Stage -lvl 7-> 2nd Stage -lvl 10-> 3rd stage
They were provided as a good party member to have if you were new to the game.
So yea...research before you complain.


Now, I looove this game, team right now is Wartortle, Pidgeotto, Butterfree (that confusion effin sweeps), Beedrill, Rattata, and Pikachu. The story is good, the graphics are certainly Poke'mon-esque, and the strategy needed is idealistic for the tower game, please keep this going, I wanna see how it ends :)

Had my best run today on this

Shame there's no high score system set-up
hit 7,151,253.5 ft, was shooting for 9-10 Mill, but met a bloody end
screen-capped for proof
http://img41.imageshack.us/img41/6/fu ckyeahv.png

This is one brilliant, addicting, and near-perfect game

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Yeah, I followed everything you said, and uh... I got fat

SeiyruRenaih responds:

Oh...mmm...uh...did you....did you get that Dorito I sent you, then?

How is this hated...? This is pretty fricking good. :)

Jim-Nickabocker responds:

D'aw thank you! I appreciate positive feedback! =3

I loved it.

That was really clever, and the ending made me laugh so hard, well done Motley!

Motley-Fool responds:

Thank you, sir!

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I love the color transition~

Wait. That's illegal.

Hi, I do fun things with my mouth and hands

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