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Voices Needed: RPG SFX Library

Posted by PM-Seymour - January 8th, 2012

RPG SFX Library
Directed by Daniel Gooding
Casting by Patrick Seymour

produced by the creators of the Monster/Creature Library

Daniel Gooding and Myself have collaborated to make a new library for the new year, this time, focusing more on people themselves in the mystical worlds of RPGS.
We are giving voice actors the chance to dive their voices into those games, however, this will be a professional production, so we expect the best of the best out of all auditions

Meaning it's something really worth adding to the resume

Basically you are providing a library for RPG Makers to use as vocal base for their games.
It would comprise of basic voice recordings to use, like attacks, magic spells, using items, the works.
Now to expand the library and it's versatility, I would want to see not only people use a certain hero type, but dive deeper into the character itself.

For example, you want to record for a mage.
...what kind of mage are they?
Are they cocky? are they serious? are they new to the magic world?
Do they specialize in a certain field of magic?

So, give me lines that aren't TOO GENERIC, but unique, and make me feel for a character, also applicable to not just one project, but many

Requirements to audition
1.) A good quality microphone (somewhere close to the SAMSON CO1U Microphone or better), no echoing, distortions, or fizzings, pro audition requires pro sound.
2.) Commitment and great energy
3.) Able to sort your sound files as so (Mp3 or WAV, 44100 hz or higher), as "Name_CharacterType_Emotion"
4.) Email your auditions to patrickseymourva@yahoo.com, if I approve of the auditions, I will forward them to dgoodingindi@gmail.com (in case you hear from him), provide your name, resume, equipment specs, and contact information (skype, alt. emails, etc),
demo reel is optional [in case we want to hear some other character types for you]


Characters to try out on
(record about 3-6 Lines)

###Playable Characters###
Fighter/Swordsman/Mage/Healer/Ninja/Th ief/Summoner/Gunsmith/Archer/Robot

____Non Battle Sounds____
(Each character has a few variations of each)

- Join party
- Cannot Carry More (dungeon crawler)
- Happy
- Sad
- Confused
- Discovery

____Battle Sounds____
(Each character has a few variations)

- Attack
- Hurt
- Death
- Jump (Tales styled Rpg battle system)
- Generic Charging up
- Level Up
- Anger/Rage
- Special Attack
- Use Item (perhaps both on self, and for another person)
- Steal (Thief/Ninja Only)
- Generic Magic Cast (Mage Only)
- Generic Summon Cast (Summoner Only)
- Generic Healing Cast (Healer Only)

- Mage Spells (Fire/Ice/Lightning/Holy/Dark/Quake/Po ison/Ultima)



Armor Merchant
Magic Merchant
Weapon Merchant
Item Merchant
Generic Merchant
Inn Keep
Food Merchant
Healer - Doctor/Priest

____Other towns people____

Welcome to Town
Other Generic Banter.

####Humanoid Monsters####

Generic Bandits?
Generic Heavy Knights?

- Surprised Aggressive
- Attack Sound (Short)
- Attack Sound (Long)
- Hurt Sound (Short)
- Hurt Sound (Long)
- Jump (If able)
- (If Applicable) Growl/Hiss/Squeel Sound
- (If Applicable) Groan Sound
- (If Applicable) Emerge Sound (Zombies, ??)
- Laugh Sounds
- Taunts (Humans/Humanoid Monsters)
- Other creepy stuff?
- Death

Good Luck, and Have a blast


Almost thought that said RPG SEX Library.

>Chdonga leveled up
>Chdonga learned Harden

I'll try out hopefully

I would love to help,expect some thief lines from me! :D

I've got some questions for you, good sir.

By recording 3-6 lines do you mean to record

3-6 lines for individual characters with one characteristic (emotion),
only one character with individual emotions
or individual characters with one individual emotion?

Also, are we allowed to only send 3-6 lines in all or can we send more than that?

3-6 for each character :) and if you wish to send more, go right ahead

Generic banter? I saw a mudcrab the other day. Did you see those warriors from Hammerfell? They have curved swords. Curved. Swords! I used to be an adventurer like you, then I took an arrow in the knee.

I'll record some stuff, would be awesome to get involved in such an ambitious project.

I'm interested. But I feel like I would want to know more.

Are the voice actors credited?

Like, if someone's browsing through, and finds a character of mine, and really likes the voice, would they be able to find me easily?

Voice actors will be credited :)
Resumes will be attached to the final product, so they can find you

sounds neat!!!

Awesome, id love to help =D

Ima Go for it :D

Sounds really interesting. However, I have a few simple question I would like answered so that I may provide the best voices possible: Would you like 3-6 lines total, or per category (ie: 3-6 lines for non player sounds, 3-6 lines for battle sounds ect)? Am I limited to one character type or may I try out for several characters? Would you like use to separate our recordings into various categories split up among several voice clips per character type or lump them all into one voice recording? Answers would be much appreciated and this sounds like a really ambitious and well thought out idea that I would greatly enjoying being a part of.

3-6 lines for just auditioning, it can be out of any of them

Voice actors needed? Cool, I can't draw or do actionscript, so I can maybe finally contribute to NG.

Wait, professional mic? And it's a professional product? Nevermind.